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Daniel Gardner

(1750 – 1805)
Title: Thalia Date: Undated
Signature: Not present
Accession No: 1647
Dimensions: 71.5 x 92.2 cm
Frame: Wooden, gesso molded, gilded

Condition Report
Secondary Support The secondary support of the painting is a 4-member mortise and tennon stretcher (W: 6.5cm T: 2cm). All 8 keys are present. The condition of the stretcher is good and appears to be a replacement.

Primary Support The primary support is a fine-weight tabby weave linen canvas, while the lining canvas is a heavy-weight tabby weave. It has been composition lined and the original tacking margins removed. The lining canvas is torn along the top in the area of the turn over edge in three places. Three structural damages to the original canvas are seen at the upper and lower left and upper right.

Ground The ground appears to be gray in colour and is damaged in the three areas of structural damage.

Paint Layer The paint layer has been applied using a brush and extensive medium has been added to the paint layer, resulting in extreme alligatoring. It appears that extensive retouchings are present.

Varnish The painting is covered by a layer of surface dirt and discoloured varnish. Under ultra-violet light it appears to fluoresce a milky green colour indicating a natural resin varnish colour.

Treatment report The painting was documented photographically before and during treatment.

The surface dirt was removed using a reagent. The varnish was thinned to retain some of the retouchings as the original paint layer appears to be in an abraded condition.

The back of the painting was cleaned and dirt was removed from between the canvas and the stretcher bar.

An isolating brush conservation varnish was applied and small areas of losses were retouched, before applying a final varnish.

The frame was cleaned, losses filled and coloured and the rebate of the frame was lined using felt. The painting was then secured in the frame using flexible brass plates.

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Click the image for a view of: Whole front, before treatment
Whole front, before treatment
Click the image for a view of: Whole back
Whole back
Click the image for a view of: Detail
Click the image for a view of: Detail
Click the image for a view of: Detail
Posted: 2005/12/08 (01:00:20 PM)

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