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Unknown Artist (possibly 19th Century)

Portrait of a Man Oil on canvas
35.5 x 29 cm
Acc. No: 1751

Condition: A layer of surface dirt and discoloured varnish covered the painting. The presence of extensive drying cracks had been retouched in a previous restoration. These cracks had formed due to the excessive use of varnish mediums added to the paint by the artist.

Treatment: Following tests the surface dirt, varnish and retouchings were removed with the appropriate reagents and solvents. It was observed that the original paint layer had been badly abraded in previous cleanings. An isolating brush varnish was applied prior to retouching, using reversible restoration colours. Once complete, a final varnish was applied. The frame ornamentation had been lost in many areas. These were replaced by making casts in plaster of the existing ornaments. There casts were adhered in position and coloured to match the existing ones. Velvet ribbon was applied to the rebate of the frame and the painting secured in the frame using flexible brass plates. This treatment was carried out in 2003.

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Click the image for a view of: Whole front, before treatment
Whole front, before treatment
Click the image for a view of: Whole back, before treatment
Whole back, before treatment
Click the image for a view of: Detail of peasant, before treatment
Detail of peasant, before treatment
Click the image for a view of: During cleaning
During cleaning
Click the image for a view of: After treatment
After treatment
Posted: 2004/12/21 (08:00:00 AM)

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