Sir Abe Bailey Bequest
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Book Launch: New Insights: Technical Imaging of Paintings in Iziko South African National Gallery

Launch 5.11.2020

includes 3 Bailey Paintings in the introduction and highlights. 59 Bailey works were included in the listing with one double spread.

Alison Gilchrest, Director of Applied Reseach and Outreach at Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (IPCH) launched the event and Patricia Smythen, Assistant Professor, Painting Conservation, Queens University also spoke, as well as two artists.

Feedback on the book

Dear Angela,

... How marvelous to see this incredible publication. Warmest congratulations! This represents such incredible hard work and passion. I'm feeling pride and joy from thousands of miles away!!

Congratulations again,

Alison Gilchrest
Director of Applied Research and Outreach
Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage
Yale West Campus
PO Box 27395, West Haven CT 06516
Office: 203-737-3905
Mobile: 203-745-6986

The book is available at Iziko SA National Gallery, Clarkes Books and Noval Foundation gift shop.

Image requests. These can now be provided with greater efficiency and quality following the Isang 600 project.

Maria Varnier, picture editor, working with the french publisher Cohen & Cohen are preparing a biography about Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830) written by Frédéric Ogée

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Posted: 2021/03/31 (02:00:00 PM)

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