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J. Pollard

The Birmingham and Coventry Coach Acc. No: 1648
oil on canvas
630 x 760 mm

Previous condition: This painting had been previously conserved and in this treatment it was lined. (To line a painting means to adhere a new canvas to the old canvas. This usually occurs when there are extensive structural damages to the primary support, such as a tear.) This lining seems to have occurred at the turn of the century. Its nature is typical of the commercial composition linings of the time, where the tacking margins of the original canvas were removed. At this time the original varnish was also removed, small damages were retouched, and a final natural resin varnish was applied. Since that time this natural resin varnish became strongly discoloured.

Conservation treatment: Following a range of tests with various solvents, the surface dirt, discoloured varnish and previous retouchings were removed safely and effectively. A new non-yellowing conservation brush varnish was applied, small damages were in-painted with special retouching colours and a final varnish was applied. The frame was also conserved and this included replacing missing mouldings and colouring these. Velvet ribbon was adhered to the rebate of the frame and the painting secured into the frame from behind with brass plates.

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Click the image for a view of: Whole front, before treatment
Whole front, before treatment
Click the image for a view of: Whole front, after treatment
Whole front, after treatment
Posted: 2003/12/09 (08:00:00 PM)

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